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Tent Sites

View of tent sites in the 148-154 area

Site 121

View of transient site, beside the cement bridge, along Fish Creek

Fish Creek

View of Fish Creek from the walking Bridge

Sites 130 and 131

View from the walking bridge

Site 134

First transient site along Fish Creek with hydro and water

Sites 133-130

Transient Sites with hydro/water along Fish Creek


View from the shallow end


View from the deep end

Willow Tree

View on transient site 116

River Boat Races 2014


Park Games Day 2015

July 1 Petting Zoo 2016

Cherry Grove Stables

Pony Rides July 1, 2016

Canada Day Wheel's Parade

July 2016

River Boat Race Day


In the water, ready to set sail!


Jacob and the Bluesbusters

Civic 2016

Site to Site Games Day

Hungry, hungry hippo!

View from Site 147

Fishing Derby 2017

Mud Puppy

Fishing Derby 2017

Canada Day 2017

Happy 150th Canada

Wagon Ride

River Boat Races 2017

View from site 147

Looking at sites 125-122

View from site 147

Looking at sites 129-131

Happy Canada Day from my kids to yours!


Chocolate Bar Bingo!


Seasonal sites

160's area

Tent Sites